Legal, informational and psychological aspects of quarantine measures were discussed in Sumy state University

On April 15, an online event "Personal and public safety during the quarantine period"was held on the basis of Sumy state University in cooperation with the Regional center for providing free secondary legal assistance in the Sumy region.

Speakers of the event considered a number of topical issues.

Valentina Volobueva, Deputy Director Of the regional center for providing BVPD in the Sumy region, provided legal explanations of quarantine measures, made an analysis of court decisions regarding their violation.

"There are many discussions that the restrictive measures adopted in the state are illegal and unconstitutional. But the main and most important issue contained in the Constitution of Ukraine is the right to life, to a healthy life. And the restrictive measures that are being introduced by the state are aimed at preserving this right to life," Valentina Volobueva stressed.

Nikolay Nazarov, candidate of political science, head of the center for regional security studies of Sumy state University, in his speech focused on the issues of state information policy, communication between the authorities and the public in the conditions of quarantine. In this aspect, he cited the results of sociological research on the assessment by Ukrainian citizens of the success of government actions in the fight against coronavirus infection.

"Social networks and messengers are used quite effectively and actively in the state to inform people about the progress of the epidemic, to provide advice and recommendations for treatment during the quarantine period," Nikolai Nazarov said.

According to the expert, there is a need to increase positive information on coronavirus topics, in particular, stories about people who have overcome a dangerous infection.

Natalia Teslik, PhD in psychology, senior lecturer at the Department of psychology, political science and socio-cultural technologies of SumDU, spoke about psychological adaptation in the conditions of quarantine, psychological means of overcoming stress.

Особистісна та громадська безпека в умовах карантину: правові, інформаційні, психологічні аспекти
Особистісна та громадська безпека в умовах карантину: правові, інформаційні, психологічні аспекти
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