Webinars from infectious diseases doctors for family doctors. Coronavirus COVID-19

On the basis of SumDU, a series of webinars for medics and family doctors on the specifics of working during the epidemiological situation is held, which are conducted by University scientists.

Questions for webinar send an e-mail o.yatsenko@tv.sumdu.edu.ua

Webinars are conducted by: head of the Department of infectious diseases with epidemiology of the Medical Institute of Sumy state University, doctor of medicine. science, Professor, Chemych Nikolai Dmitrievich, chief expert of the regional health Department on infectious diseases Irina Trotskaya, instructors of the public health center, representatives of the Sumy regional organization of the red cross Society and others.

Webinar 05/22/2020 2pm

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Situation in Ukraine

reports of suspected coronavirus

laboratory confirmed cases of the disease

recovered from the coronavirus

deaths of people infected with coronavirus
Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine - covid19.com.ua

The phone hotline COVID-19

In Ukraine

0 800 505 840

0 800 505 201

In Sumy region

0542 68 20 90

0542 68 20 25