SHOW PROGRAM "The Planet of Tastes of Sumy State University., 1 year"
On April 19, the show program "The Planet of Tastes of Sumy State University" was held in the assembly hall of the educational and scientific institute of business technologies "UABS" of Sumy State University. 1 year ", dedicated to the anniversary of the television project of the same name. The author of the original idea is the specialist on work with foreign students of the department of extracurricular work of Sumy State University Natalia Suprunova, and the program's leaders are the director of the public catering complex Alexander Chekhovsky and the director of the cultural and artistic center of Sumy Roman Levchenko. For each new program, which is broadcast on the channel in You Tube, a new guest was invited, who along with the hosts prepared a dish from the national cuisine of his country. During the year, 11 programs of the TV project "The Planet of Tastes of Sumy State University" were shot and broadcast. Also, students from other Sumy universities were invited to celebrate the first birthday of the TV project. The first guest of the program Hekmat Etavi congratulated his colleagues on the project with a wonderful vocal-choreographic number. The creators of the program invited all present to see the bright points of the previous programs "The Planet of Tastes of Sumy State University". That evening an international student family gathered in the congress center: Ukraine, Nigeria, Zambia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Iraq ... Many of the audience performed concert numbers, and also - represented the national cuisine, which became the basis of the charity event. As the organizers told, the proceeds from the sale of these dishes will "go" to purchase syringes for the hematology department of the Sumy Oblast Children's Clinical Hospital. After the end of the event, all comers enjoyed a huge cake made by the culinary specialists of the SSU catering complex.
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