SumDU «Initiaton-2014».

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Посвящение в студенты СумГУ
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This year the about 1200 freshmen have joined the ranks of Sumy State University. The ceremonial initiation took place on August 29.

Young people become familiar with the university, namely with a variety of hobby clubs, sports sections, the department of military training. Traditionally, one of the best students presented the freshmen symbolic student card.

«Be proud of the title of student, successfully take over the knowledge, live bright student life and multiply well-known traditions of our institution,» — said the rector, Anatoly Vasilyev, congratulating the freshmen. He added that in the SSU youth successfully combines education, science, art, sports and social activities.

«You go to a prestigious university, known in Europe and in the world» — said the head of the regional board Nikolay Klochko. He wished the students new ideas that will contribute to the future development of the city, region and country.

Initiation of the year was notable for special patriotic mood: traditional costumes of spectators and participants, Ukrainian repertoire and white doves, which flew into the sky as a sign of peace in the fatherland.

Choreographic gift to all present at the event was the performance of children from the Donetsk youth sports school, who took a vacation in the camp of SSU «Univer» in August.

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