Championship of Ukraine of walking
Чемпионат Украины по спортивной ходьбе

In Sumy Ukraine took the championship away from the sport. Fought for the title of champions — 43 athletes from 8 areas in male and female groups. On results — tell Daniel Snisar.

On the day of the competition in Sumy, in buckets, pouring dosch. Cool and wet weather — best helped athletes who fought for supremacy in the 11th Championship of Ukraine of walking.

runner competing at a distance of 20,000 meters. Among athletes and Ivan Losev. He finished first. Athlete says — only hoped to win.

During the year the average walker overcome — 5.6 thousand kilometers. Each victory — athletes closer to the main goal — membership in the Ukrainian national team.

«Champion of Ukraine, 2nd place, 3rd place — should be included in the team. And that’s just for those athletes who came here a great chance to be included in the team. We have a fairly good representation in the competition. 13 masters of sports international class, 18 masters of sports, 11 candidates for the master, «- said Alexey Serdjuchenko coach the national team of Ukraine in athletics, organizers of the championship.

Championship organizers expect that the competition will be held in Sumy future. It is a city of walkers athletes consider the capital of walking. Moreover, it lives here — the best runner of the 20th century — Vladimir Holubnychyy.

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