New Start International SSU
New Stars International SSU (СумГУ), ЮА-Сумы, СумГУ, 2016, эксклюзивный партнер архива - Сумской государственный университет (СумГУ)

March 22 in SSU was competitive-entertaining show «NEW STARS SSU International» .In this year in the competition program was attended by 11 contestants from 9 countries. Foreign students competed for the title of best in two categories — «Vocal» and «Choreography» and «Grand Prix» competition. The creative talent competition involved only debutants scene of SSU.

The first part of the event was a charity fair of the national dishes of different countries. Foreign students of SSU bright — in national costumes, flags of countries represented his country, shared flair and originality, as well as collecting funds for children with disabilities. Total amount collected in 1102 hryvnia.

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